Monday, September 29, 2008

A Hint For Etsy Sellers

When I read that an Etsy Seller had "cream tea" as part of her name, it made me take real notice, because as I wrote sometime before, that was a yummy dessert I had on our first trip to England. So I wrote to her commenting about that English treat.
Just before that I read on one of the threads a remark about the importance of showing shipping charges for other countries. Since she was from the UK, I thought she would be a good one to ask about it. I have had many times that God has sent someone into my life at such an appropriate time. She did have an opinion on this topic, I thought, from which all sellers could all profit. I have tried to make International buyers welcome by asking them to write for shipping charges.
Here is the gist of her comments.
"As a buyer I never write and ask about posting charges unless it is something I desperately want and cannot get anywhere else. This has happened once in the 3 years I have been selling and buying on Etsy.It is all about impulse buying and in a site such as Etsy, with such competition it is essential to grab the buyers and make the process as easy as possible. Plus on an international site it can lead to delays in answering convos (conversations) because of the time difference. Therefore a loss of sale if they have bought elsewhere in the gap.
Plus another point...if you only list shipping charges for your country, it may be perceived that the other countries aren’t seen as being important. You don’t even want to hint at that."
I know I am going to try to add some international shipping charges to my listings. Maybe this will help you, too.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Here It Is!

The mystery plant opened to a beautiful white blossom. Don told us what it is--datura innoxia. We looked up more information and found all parts of it are poisonious, but this very white blossom is so pretty. The mystery of how it got into the pot of soil has not been solved. And yes, slight pressure on the leaves does give the smell of peanut butter.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Another Plant Mystery

At least we knew where the first mystery plant came from, but this one is a complete mystery. That one was from a packet of Forget-Me-Not seed. But this one , we have no idea.
I had decided I needed to start some rosemary cuttings one day this summer. So I got the pot ready for them, filled it with soil from the bag that had been used before for other plants and inserted the little cuttings.. After a few days, we noticed a lot of little plants coming up. We couldn’t understand where they came from and didn’t recognize what they were. We left them until they got too big and crowded the rosemary. So I transplanted several of them into individual pots. We had to keep some of them to find out what they were. Well, we still don’t know what they are, but they are different from anything we have had before.
So where did all those seeds come from? They were only in this one pot and so many of them. And what are they? Also interesting when we look at the five plants in the picture together, they are in all stages of growth before the bloom. I will add more pictures when the blossoms open.