Sunday, June 29, 2008

Plant Progress

Well, we know the plant is making progress as evidenced by the recent picture. But there is no progress in determining what it is. The rapid growth certainly suggests that it's a weed, but no one has come forward to help with identifying it. We took pictures of it to Earl May Nursery, and they tried to find what it was, but could not. So we are still looking. And that's the latest update!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Two Little Girls, Two Big Messages

On Friday my little Great Granddaughter was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, also known as juvenile idiopathic arthritis. She will be seeing a specialist in this field sometime in the near future to verify this diagnosis. This usually bubbly and happy little 4 year old recently began complaining of her foot being sore and that it hurt when she walked. The diagnosis indicated the arthritis was located in her right foot and right hip. Only a pain killer as treatment has been prescribed so far. We are praying for a treatment that will give relief and that she will be one of the children who will outgrow it early.
Delia, with her stay-at-home mom, dad and little brother, Elliot, live in rural Iowa near a very small town where her dad is employed as a Soil Analyst. She has gone to Preschool this past year and will be attending Kindergarten this fall. Delia will be five years old August 17.
I will relay any messages left for her in "Comments."

Little Siobhan lives in Florida. She is barely 4 years old, yet her artwork suggests her age is much older. Just give her a canvas and some squishy paint and she is busy creating another lovely painting. Hands and fingers are her paintbrush. This adorable talented child is special because at the age of two and a half she was diagnosed with Autism. Her mom, who is also an artist, is a stay-at-home mom, a soldier’s wife, a veteran and now an Autism Awareness Advocate. Her father is in the Army, and she has a little brother, Orlando.
It’s interesting that Siobhan, who loves the squishy paint (Crayola Tube Paints), will not touch anything else that’s of that texture. The idea of eating something such as yogurt or peanut butter or even ice cream is repulsive to her, and she will only eat dry, crunchy foods.
Although she is virtually non-verbal, with her artwork she is very expressive. The family is hoping to spread a more positive message that while Autism does have it's challenges.... it has many gifts, too
"I am her voice. She is my world. We are her hope."
Siobhan’s Dream –
Her Etsy Shop --
Her Mom’s Etsy Shop –

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Buttonhole and The Button Box

Etsy once again has been the avenue for a special happening.
I was happy when Janis bought the Tote Bag that I had made and had for sale on Etsy. I was not happy when I heard from her that the buttonhole I made on the bag was too small for the button I put on. (Thinking back, I must have planned for another button when making the buttonhole, but changed my mind when it came time to sew the button on.)
I wrote Janis an apology and thanked her for telling me. I told her if there was anything I could do to rectify this to please let me know.
And I signed it, Blessings.
She answered,
Not to worry. I know how things can slip past us even when we're very careful.
She thought she might have a button to replace the one I put on.
I'll get out my button box and check. You know, now that I think about it, this is a blessing in disguise. I'm reminded of myself as a little girl sitting in the middle of Mom's big bed with her button box poured out in front of me. Haven't thought of that in a very long time. Makes me smile.Thank you for your offer to rectify the situation if you can. Your gracious response is more than enough.Thanks for the memory!
Right after this, she found the email I had written telling her I had sent the Tote.
And you signed your email with ‘Blessings.’ Thank you. The memory of my Mom's button box is a blessing indeed. :-)
Blessings to you as well!
My response,
That makes two of us who have smiles right now, Jan. What a sweet thing you wrote about your mom and the button box. You are so nice about the buttonhole problem. I am sure when you use that tote bag that you will think of the button box and your mom and maybe of me, too, who caused this whole situation!! I know whenever I make another tote bag, I will think of this one and of you who were so kind. I'm so glad to know you, a very special person.
And I thought it very appropriate to sign it–
Showers of Blessings!
Then I invited her to visit my blog. (I received her permission to make this entry.)
Then she sent this message--
Isn't it funny how things turn around? I have a lovely new tote bag and I am so glad it has a too small button hole! :-) Because that buttonhole sneaked past you, I have a tote bag "accessorized" with a new friend and a wonderful memory. They say you can find good deals on Etsy but I never imagined How good! :-)
You're right. I will think of my mom and the button box and, most definitely, you when I use the tote. I'm smiling some more now. :-)
I don't have a blog but I'll definitely visit yours tomorrow. I'm glad to know you, too!
I think the Showers of Blessings have already started. :)
I’ll leave it to you to determine who received the greater blessing!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Can You Identify this Plant?

Again, we have a plant of interest! Last year I had the adventure of trying to start some Rosemary plants from seed. (See The Rosemary Story earlier in this blog.) We had a difficult time identifying the plants that came up, which we knew weren't Rosemary. This year I planted some Forget Me Not flower seed. The plant shown here looked like the Forget Me Not when it was transplanted into this hanging pot. Then it started to grow so fast and now reaches the top of the greenhouse. And look at that flower! So different! Definitely not a Forget Me Not! We eventually discovered that last year's mystery plant was Lemon Balm, but we are truly mystified by this one. Can you help?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Flood at Steamboat Rock

This has been a very wet year breaking records and a year of many storms. Floods across the state have been breaking records in every town that is situated on a river. The record in our town exceeded by 18 inches the previous record, and the flood threatened my daughter's family's house. Pictures show the sandbags, but the water didn't reach them. Other pictures show entrance to their home.

One city in the state, Cedar Rapids, had water 12 feet above flood stage, which is causing such serious flooding that it is being called the "katrina of Iowa."

Friday, June 6, 2008

Ten Seconds

"Ten seconds, and it was all over."
People of Parkersburg, Iowa telling of the experiences they had that will never be forgotten.
"We were huddled in the basement. When it was over and we looked up, everything was gone."
One family was clinging to each other on the couch when they saw their dog go flying by. The dad reached up and grabbed him out of the air.
Another couple holding onto each other on the couch experienced being bounced from the wall on one end of the room, back and forth to another wall, and when it ended they were left sitting on the couch with everything around them gone.
Fourteen customers were in a Pizza place and tried to get everyone into the bathroom. All but two fit inside so they sat by the door and witnessed a pickup truck flying at them and landing five feet away. All were able to crawl out to safety.
An elderly husband and wife who couldn't get to the basement did not survive. A total of eight people died in this horrific tornado which was classed as an E5, the strongest rating with winds over 200 miles per hour.
Then the aftermath--heartache and tears. Searching for possessions in the rubble. Rejoicing when some little keepsake was found. Hoping someone would locate a billfold or driver's license or an important document, some of which were found in a nearby state.
If trying to find a large item, you knew it would be damaged. A lady reported finding three such cars in her yard, and none of them were hers.
And today the bulldozers arrived.

Pictures courtesy General Denny Mills, Parkersburg, Iowa