Friday, June 6, 2008

Ten Seconds

"Ten seconds, and it was all over."
People of Parkersburg, Iowa telling of the experiences they had that will never be forgotten.
"We were huddled in the basement. When it was over and we looked up, everything was gone."
One family was clinging to each other on the couch when they saw their dog go flying by. The dad reached up and grabbed him out of the air.
Another couple holding onto each other on the couch experienced being bounced from the wall on one end of the room, back and forth to another wall, and when it ended they were left sitting on the couch with everything around them gone.
Fourteen customers were in a Pizza place and tried to get everyone into the bathroom. All but two fit inside so they sat by the door and witnessed a pickup truck flying at them and landing five feet away. All were able to crawl out to safety.
An elderly husband and wife who couldn't get to the basement did not survive. A total of eight people died in this horrific tornado which was classed as an E5, the strongest rating with winds over 200 miles per hour.
Then the aftermath--heartache and tears. Searching for possessions in the rubble. Rejoicing when some little keepsake was found. Hoping someone would locate a billfold or driver's license or an important document, some of which were found in a nearby state.
If trying to find a large item, you knew it would be damaged. A lady reported finding three such cars in her yard, and none of them were hers.
And today the bulldozers arrived.

Pictures courtesy General Denny Mills, Parkersburg, Iowa

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Aroma Fields said...

This is devestating. My heart goes out to the people who were affected by this disaster. I'm glad you're okay.