Sunday, June 15, 2008

Flood at Steamboat Rock

This has been a very wet year breaking records and a year of many storms. Floods across the state have been breaking records in every town that is situated on a river. The record in our town exceeded by 18 inches the previous record, and the flood threatened my daughter's family's house. Pictures show the sandbags, but the water didn't reach them. Other pictures show entrance to their home.

One city in the state, Cedar Rapids, had water 12 feet above flood stage, which is causing such serious flooding that it is being called the "katrina of Iowa."


Joel said...

Wow...I'm glad the house is OK! We're seeing a lot of the flooding on the news out here in Washington, but it's still hard to believe. Stay dry everybody!

Aroma Fields said...

I'm glad you and your's aren't located in the badly flooded areas. I've seen photos on the news and it's amazing! Hope the weather is getting better now.

Grooveycrafts said...

It looks more like an army camp with all those sandbags but I'm glad the water never reached her house as I've seen in the UK the devastation it can cause.