Friday, June 20, 2008

The Buttonhole and The Button Box

Etsy once again has been the avenue for a special happening.
I was happy when Janis bought the Tote Bag that I had made and had for sale on Etsy. I was not happy when I heard from her that the buttonhole I made on the bag was too small for the button I put on. (Thinking back, I must have planned for another button when making the buttonhole, but changed my mind when it came time to sew the button on.)
I wrote Janis an apology and thanked her for telling me. I told her if there was anything I could do to rectify this to please let me know.
And I signed it, Blessings.
She answered,
Not to worry. I know how things can slip past us even when we're very careful.
She thought she might have a button to replace the one I put on.
I'll get out my button box and check. You know, now that I think about it, this is a blessing in disguise. I'm reminded of myself as a little girl sitting in the middle of Mom's big bed with her button box poured out in front of me. Haven't thought of that in a very long time. Makes me smile.Thank you for your offer to rectify the situation if you can. Your gracious response is more than enough.Thanks for the memory!
Right after this, she found the email I had written telling her I had sent the Tote.
And you signed your email with ‘Blessings.’ Thank you. The memory of my Mom's button box is a blessing indeed. :-)
Blessings to you as well!
My response,
That makes two of us who have smiles right now, Jan. What a sweet thing you wrote about your mom and the button box. You are so nice about the buttonhole problem. I am sure when you use that tote bag that you will think of the button box and your mom and maybe of me, too, who caused this whole situation!! I know whenever I make another tote bag, I will think of this one and of you who were so kind. I'm so glad to know you, a very special person.
And I thought it very appropriate to sign it–
Showers of Blessings!
Then I invited her to visit my blog. (I received her permission to make this entry.)
Then she sent this message--
Isn't it funny how things turn around? I have a lovely new tote bag and I am so glad it has a too small button hole! :-) Because that buttonhole sneaked past you, I have a tote bag "accessorized" with a new friend and a wonderful memory. They say you can find good deals on Etsy but I never imagined How good! :-)
You're right. I will think of my mom and the button box and, most definitely, you when I use the tote. I'm smiling some more now. :-)
I don't have a blog but I'll definitely visit yours tomorrow. I'm glad to know you, too!
I think the Showers of Blessings have already started. :)
I’ll leave it to you to determine who received the greater blessing!


Grooveycrafts said...

What an amazing story and I'm so glad things worked out so well. I have made some friends through Etsy and its wonderful how you can meet some many wonderful people all over the world. I'm in to pen-friends anyway but this feels like a whole new communication situation and everyone is so wonderful and caring... of course like most places you have bad eggs but they are so few that it doesn't bother you.

I hope you have a wonderful friendship

Larky Lady said...

Thank you for these nice comments, grooveycrafts. Yes, it is so special finding some wonderful people in interesting situations. I'm blessed.