Sunday, June 22, 2008

Two Little Girls, Two Big Messages

On Friday my little Great Granddaughter was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, also known as juvenile idiopathic arthritis. She will be seeing a specialist in this field sometime in the near future to verify this diagnosis. This usually bubbly and happy little 4 year old recently began complaining of her foot being sore and that it hurt when she walked. The diagnosis indicated the arthritis was located in her right foot and right hip. Only a pain killer as treatment has been prescribed so far. We are praying for a treatment that will give relief and that she will be one of the children who will outgrow it early.
Delia, with her stay-at-home mom, dad and little brother, Elliot, live in rural Iowa near a very small town where her dad is employed as a Soil Analyst. She has gone to Preschool this past year and will be attending Kindergarten this fall. Delia will be five years old August 17.
I will relay any messages left for her in "Comments."

Little Siobhan lives in Florida. She is barely 4 years old, yet her artwork suggests her age is much older. Just give her a canvas and some squishy paint and she is busy creating another lovely painting. Hands and fingers are her paintbrush. This adorable talented child is special because at the age of two and a half she was diagnosed with Autism. Her mom, who is also an artist, is a stay-at-home mom, a soldier’s wife, a veteran and now an Autism Awareness Advocate. Her father is in the Army, and she has a little brother, Orlando.
It’s interesting that Siobhan, who loves the squishy paint (Crayola Tube Paints), will not touch anything else that’s of that texture. The idea of eating something such as yogurt or peanut butter or even ice cream is repulsive to her, and she will only eat dry, crunchy foods.
Although she is virtually non-verbal, with her artwork she is very expressive. The family is hoping to spread a more positive message that while Autism does have it's challenges.... it has many gifts, too
"I am her voice. She is my world. We are her hope."
Siobhan’s Dream –
Her Etsy Shop --
Her Mom’s Etsy Shop –


Joel said...

Hi Delia! I love you and I'm praying for you. I can't believe you're getting ready for kindergarten already. Make sure you get better soon so you can look out for that brother of yours! Hope to see you soon.

Your Cousin Joel

rejanssen63021 said...

Hey Delia,

The Janssen clan will be praying that you get better soon! We hope you have a fantastic year in kindergarten. We all love you!

Rex, Wendy, Kelsey, Caleb, and Leah

Grooveycrafts said...

That is awful about the arthritis but hopefully like you said she will grow out of it. My older brother had some form of arthritis when he was younger and my mum would give him plenty of seven seas oil to drink which she believed helped (its the one that smells fishy)

That artwork is wonderful.

Aroma Fields said...

Thoughts and prayers for Delia in hopes that she does outgrow the arthritis. What a brave and lovely little girl she is!