Friday, September 12, 2008

Another Plant Mystery

At least we knew where the first mystery plant came from, but this one is a complete mystery. That one was from a packet of Forget-Me-Not seed. But this one , we have no idea.
I had decided I needed to start some rosemary cuttings one day this summer. So I got the pot ready for them, filled it with soil from the bag that had been used before for other plants and inserted the little cuttings.. After a few days, we noticed a lot of little plants coming up. We couldn’t understand where they came from and didn’t recognize what they were. We left them until they got too big and crowded the rosemary. So I transplanted several of them into individual pots. We had to keep some of them to find out what they were. Well, we still don’t know what they are, but they are different from anything we have had before.
So where did all those seeds come from? They were only in this one pot and so many of them. And what are they? Also interesting when we look at the five plants in the picture together, they are in all stages of growth before the bloom. I will add more pictures when the blossoms open.


Don said...

Those could be Datura innoxia. We have a bunch and I call them the peanut butter plant because it smells like peanut butter when you rub their leaves. Andy's mom calls them moonflowers because they open in the evening. Also they like to spread aggressively and grow round spiny like fruit. I will email you pics of mine. - Don

Larky Lady said...

Thank you, Don. Your pics look exactly like the ones we have. So you solved that part of the mystery. Now--where did the seeds come from and how did they get in that one small pot?