Monday, February 2, 2009

Free Fonts

Do you have all the fonts that you would like in your word processing program? I have a lot in mine, but so many are useless for what I want to use. I have often searched for new fonts that might be available to download for free. Well, I have found such a place that has so many that when I start checking out some of them, I find I have not even scratched the surface. Listed alphabetically it seems the amount under each letter is just endless. There is also a search feature in which you may even try to locate a particular font.
This site encourages letting others know what they have to offer. "If you want to help maintain this website, link to it from your website or Forum." So since I don't have a website, I decided to put it on my blog. If you find this useful for you, will you please leave a comment telling what you think?


Creative Coquette said...

I'm a font whore, yes, I said it.


I had not run across your find and am adding it to my resources, thanks!

I like to go here:

Ripper Arts said...

Oh, my. I can get lost looking at fonts!