Thursday, March 12, 2009

Two Guys -- One Soap

Time to model the soap holders milarks is selling on Etsy.
"I’ll take green and you can have the red one!"
"Mom, we each need a bar of soap."
"You’ll have to look in the upstairs bathroom."
"There’s only one there."
"Try looking in the downstairs bathroom."
And that’s how it happened. Only one bar of soap was found, and the red soap holder got it!!
The pictures tell the rest of the story.


Elizabear said...

Great post. Thanks for the laugh!

Joel said...

Ha ha - take that, Simon! Thanks for posting this Grandma. I laughed.

Larky Lady said...

I always laugh when I happen across this, so I just had to share it! You guys are good actors!

Autumn Rose Crafts said...

Hi, hope your well, Im making soap just now, should I send some? You cant give one without the other :) Hee Hee...sarah x

Larky Lady said...

Right, Sarah! So true!