Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Traditions

What are some of the traditions observed in your family? Do you have a Christmas Tree with old fashioned ornaments? Or do you like a modern look? Do you have a real tree or an artificial one? We like to put our tree up (an artificial one) the day after Thanksgiving. This year we were in England for Thanksgiving, so it was put up after we got back on December 1st. The outside lighting went up about the same time, and that job caused EG some problems. He tested each string before they went up, but after they were turned on, sections didn't work. That problem was only partially solved. One string only has part of it working, but it has stayed up!

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I had a surprise that day, because before we left for England EG made plans with his children to find a turkey so we could have our Thanksgiving meal there. When I walked in that evening, there it was, all nicely browned and very much enjoyed.

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