Thursday, April 10, 2008

English Food

The next three entries in the Recipe Section will feature England recipes, from EG, Amanda and Lee. Cooking in England reminds me of my first baking experience there. Making the pie crust resulted in more than was planned.. Suffice it to say, I brought my own measuring cups on the next trip.
The food experience was really great. I tasted my first "real" Fish and Chips from a "real" Fish & Chips shop; ate at a Carvery where I had my first Yorkshire Pudding; and enjoyed my first "Cream Tea" which was a "real" experience. Explanations of these and other foods will be told another time.
Other food terms: Gammon, is a British cured ham. Most American hams are precooked, but Gammon Hams are not cooked "leaving you that pleasure."
British sausages are called bangers.
Another traditional dish in the UK is a kind of meatball called a Faggot.
Then there is Bubble and Squeak, which is a fried cabbage/potato combination.

But not to be left out is Brown Sauce, a condiment you can't do without.


tybump said...

Hi it's Amanda I just thought I would add a comment about the brown sauce, it makes a great addition to the great british fried breakfast, and is great on bacon and egg sandwiches.

Larky Lady said...

Thank you, Amanda. I got the impression that you will find it in every cupboard in the UK!