Friday, April 4, 2008

Trip Through Safari Park

Today is quite a nice day with temps in the 50's, so I thought we should take a ride through Safari Park. You can stay in the car, and we will just drive through.

This is what we did on our England trip in April of 2006 on such a day as this with temperatures about the same. (Before it became an Animal Park, EG said he went to the lake there to fish for carp!!)

However, today we will experience up close some of the wild animals and their antics.

(Click on picture to enlarge. Especially look at Joey in his mom's pocket and giraffe checking out the schoolbus occupants.)


mmjhaven said...

I don't think I've ever seen an albino kangaroo. Are they common? I would be concerned that the lion is thinking "mmm, lunch!". I love the giraffe.

Larky Lady said...

I read that albino kangaroos are very rare. That's all I know about them. Yes, that giraffe was fun to see, and the lion was on the prowl.